Cycle Oregon is a long standing tradition here in Oregon having started in 1987. We have been renting RV’s to cyclist for many years now. We understand the needs cyclist have and we offer great solutions for you. Such as our bike racks that will hold up to 4 bikes. Our fully self contained RV’s for bathroom breaks, water breaks and the occasional need to sleep. Oregon is different then most states and we love being a part of that. So when you are planning your Cycle Oregon excursion remember us and come by and see what we can offer.

Cycle Oregon in most cases driving wise you will go around a 1000 miles round trip from Portland being the route changes from ride to ride you will find the mileage varies slightly. We are located in Portland, Oregon near the airport. We can make arrangements at a local Hotel that will pick you up at the airport and take you to pick up your Motorhome the next morning for no extra charge, the total price would be around $100.00.

Cycle Oregon is around a 7 to 10 day experience. You will be dry camping meaning no water or sewer at least part of the time, if handled properly a RV Rental is a great way to make this experience unforgettable. At Cycle Oregon once your cyclist are off, the Motorhome driver will go ahead and go to the next camping spot and set up camp. Which is a great place after a long day riding for a cyclist to come to and find a bit of rest and comradery

Our Cycle Oregon Class C Motorhomes range from 22 feet to 31 feet and will sleep a family of 6 to 8. Our Cycle Oregon Class A Motorhomes and Super C range from 32 to 35 feet and will sleep 4 to 10. They all have refrigerators, furnaces, ranges & ovens, microwave, air conditioning, bathrooms with showers or tubs, awnings, TV & DVR, 110 power generators and in most cases V-10 Ford engines though some will come with diesels.

Usually you are able to pick up the RV in the afternoon and drop them off in the morning. They are all self contained which will make things a bit easier for you.

Our Tent Trailers for Cycle Oregon (towables) are either 8 or 12 feet and open up to 18 to 22 feet. The smaller ones have no bathrooms and the bigger have toilet and shower. They all have refrigerator, range, furnace, converter and will sleep 6. The 8 footers weigh around 1,400 pounds which makes them very easy to tow and even move around by hand once you get the where you want to set them up.

Bruce (Blazer Bruce) is the owner and he has been working with Cycle Oregon cyclist for years now. So if you have any questions please feel free to call I am sure he will be more than happy to help.